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Diamondback Services, Incorporated...

Diamondback Services is proud to be among the top tier in freight transportation companies. We pride ourselves in being able to provide custom services to fit every industry and customer, as well as personal attention. These not unique, yet rarely seen concepts have helped our customers realize goals that were previously thought to be unattainable, and give them extreme advantages over their competition.

Please contact us for any and all transportation and logic services, to include dedicated operations, line haul transportation, warehousing, brokerage, fleet management, and logistics.

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Attention to detail. We understand how much the little things can mean to your company, as well as your customer. We make sure and always double-check loads for accuracy, and call for confirmations

Better than industry standard ratings. From our safety scores, to our on-time delivery percentages, to our driver retention; we best other carriers year after year

Commitment to the job at hand; no one here simply punches a clock. We are available at all hours, and provide service until satisfaction is met